International Flights

Pet Transport

We are proud to work alongside 1st Class Canine Travel when shipping internationally. 

Our priority is the care and wellbeing of the dogs that are on the flight. Pet Transportation is at the forefront of what we do and we will look after each and every dog with absolute care.

We typically fly from London Heathrow or Manchester airports. The dogs take a short flight to the interim destination, here they are unloaded, fed, watered and exercised. If required they will spend the night in a pet hotel and loaded on to the next flight to the final destination, or alternatively they may have a short stop-over. A vet is on site for the duration of this stop-over

They are loaded into the animal hold (below the cockpit) and the cockpit crew have a camera link with them throughout the flight. They have access to water for the duration of the flight and for comfort are bedded in deep paper bedding. 

We find this to be the safest option, especially for puppies. They are loaded last onto the flight and unloaded first at the destination before anyone else leaves the plane. We have flown many puppies/dogs this way and have never had any problems. The pups/dogs arrive safely and after lots of hours of rest are usually full of beans for their new owner upon arrival in their new Country.

Below prices are based on USA / Canada shippings

£2,700 : Flight Nanny / In cabin + UK pick up
£2,000 : Animal hold + UK pick up.

For any other Country destinations please contact us for a quote.


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